Company profile 

Our Company is totally committed to:
1. Persisting in placing the excellent Management & Service to satisfy our customers' requirements and the relevant statuory /regulatory requirement as our first priority and responsibility.
2. Ensuring that products are provided in Time,Quality and Quantity by implementing Total Quality Management System.
3. Emphasizing environmental protection, reducing pollute emission, minimizing resources consumption and continuously popularizing envionmental protection.
4. Resolutely complying the environmental related laws, ordinanoes, RoHS and other requirements.
In order to achieve the above management policy, our company's top management will establish the annual objectives and targets through the framework of "Management for Results". This management policy , objectives and targets are reviewed periodically and diagnosed annually.
Each department head should make sure his or her subordinate should read and execute this policy. Our Company is committed to establish a continuously improved quality management system in compliance with the ISO9001:2000 , ISO14001:2004 requirements. Each individual of the Company should carry out this management system accordingly.
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